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Welcome to St Andrews Table Tennis Club

clubFife_logo_providerSt Andrews Table Tennis Club provides both competitive and recreational playing opportunities for all ages and levels.
Informal adult beginner/returner sessions led by Elaine Forbes are held throughout the year. Anyone is welcome to join and we invite you to click the contact page with an enquiry.

The club has five teams competing in the Dundee and District League between September and March.  For season 2018/19, these are (in rank order):

Division 1: Prefects (Michael, Justin, Bonifac)
Division 2: Truants (Graham, Knut, Alain, Sascha)
Division 2: New Kids (Kong, Ian S, Howard, Ken)
Division 2: Swots (Collin, Dave B, Nick)
Division 3: Prospects (Dave G, Neil, Sandy, Ian B, Chris, Charlie)

Some action from our competitive matches can be viewed on the club’s YouTube channel

Recent results, Season 2018/19
Knights 8 Prefects 2 (Division 1)
Prospects 9 Astronauts 1 (Division 3)
New Kids 6 Sputniks 4 (Division 2)
Kingsway 2 Swots 8 (Division 2)
Chieftans 6 Truants 4 (Division 2)