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Undefeated week for St Andrews teams

There were no losses for St Andrews teams this week as Prefects and Prospects won their fixtures whilst New Kids and Swots drew in the St Andrews derby; Truants’ game against Brechin was postponed.

The Prefects team of Michael Hahn, Clyde Johnson, and Justin Yang eased past the new Saints team from the University who were without their full strength team on Monday night at Victory Memorial Hall. The three Prefects players did not drop a set the entire match, although Chan Tsz Huen (Paisley) — who is Michael’s University mixed doubles partner, having reached the quarter finals of last year’s British Championships — delivered three strong performances and was the strongest Saints player on the night. Clyde and Justin combined to take the doubles in their first game together. Prefects were very briefly top of Division One (the briefness of which will be surely forgotten by all…), even if this was only because they were the only team to have played two matches after Monday night (again, a negligible fact surely ignore by all involved…).

On the other side of the hall, New Kids and Swots competed in an all-St-Andrews match which always proves a close affair with players close to their colleagues’ styles. The first round of games proved that and all went to a deciding set. Howard Lee beat Dave Beveridge 11-5 in the deciding set and Ian Smith beat Emma Bissett 11-6 also in the deciding set. The closest game of the night saw Collin Bleak edge out Kong Wan 11-9 in fifth set. The remaining games were all reasonably one-sided other than Howard’s 3-1 victory over Emma and Collin and Emma’s 12-10, 17-15, 11-7 doubles win against Howard and Ian. Perhaps the standout performance of the night was Collin’s 13-11, 11-3, 11-4 win against Howard. Ian Smith was the only undefeated singles player of the night; after his close opening match with Emma, he beat Dave and Collin, both in straight-sets wins.

Dave Goddard undefeated for Propsects after two matches in Division Three

Dave Goddard was the star player for Prospects, maintaining his 100% record for the season with three straight-sets victories against Brechin-based team Buccaneers, with only Gregor O’Neill coming close to winning a set with Dave edging out the first set 12-10. Sandy Pearson was also able to secure three singles victories but was pushed all the way against Gregor, winning 11-8, 12-14, 3-11, 13-11, 14-12. Emily Howat, making her league debut for the year, was unable to add to the match score, but had the closest set-score of the night, losing the second set 18-16 to Gregor, and was very unfortunate not to beat Dale McLeish, losing out 12-10 in the deciding set. Dave and Sandy combined for the second week in a row to take the doubles, this time 3-0 against Gregor and David Clark.

A successful week for the St Andrews teams ended on a high as several of the team players, joined by Neil’s wife, Wendy, and three players from Dundee, had a club night out with dinner at Maisha in St Andrews.


Mixed results for St Andrews teams in opening week

With two wins, two losses, and one draw, the five St Andrews teams had mixed fortunes in the opening week of games in the Dundee and District Table Tennis League.

Michael Hahn serving up success with three wins in Week One

Prefects had a difficult start to the season in Division One against Aces who are one of the top teams in the league and their three players on this occasion, Jason Fleming, Matthew Craig, and Jim Dyson, are all amongst the league’s finest players. New recruits Justin Yang and Bonifac Legrady — both students at the University of St Andrews — found this fixture tough. Justin was unfortunate not to win his opening game, losing to Jim 11-9 in the fifth set, but Justin and Bonifac’s other five singles games were all straight-sets losses. Michael Hahn, however, got off to an excellent start to the season, winning all three games for the loss of one solitary set. Michael opened proceedings with a particularly convincing 11-5, 11-5, 11-8 victory over Matthew, who finished last season on 72%, before dispatching Jason in four games after a slow start, and then beating Jim 3-0. The doubles saw Michael and Justin lose in four sets, all of which went to deuce, to Jason and Matt.

Truants also had a tough start to the season but were able to manage a draw against Lundin Lasers. Sascha Roschy, vying to top the Division Two averages again this season, had a strong start, winning two four-set games, and finishing the night off with a straight-sets win. Knut Radmer was able to add to Sascha’s three wins with a close five-set victory against Nat Forno and was unfortunate not to win a second game, losing in four very close sets against Ron Filsell. Club chairperson, Alain Leger, was unlucky not to beat Nat, losing 11-8 in the deciding set, having led 2-0, however was able to win the doubles alongside Sascha.

It was a more positive start to the season for New Kids who managed to secure a 6-4 victory against Forthill-based Comets in a very close fixture with four games going to a deciding set — two of which were decided at deuce — and only one game being won in straight sets. Howard and Ian won two games each, both being unfortunate to not make it a hat-trick, each losing one game in the deciding set. Howard lost the opening game 13-11 in the fifth set to Dougal Ogilvie, and Ian lost 11-8 in the fifth to Fraser Smith. The pair combined to defeat Dougal and Fraser in four sets in the doubles. Kong Wan defeated Jill 11-7 in the fifth set and performed well in the other two games, losing in four sets.

Swots found proceedings tough with an 8-2 loss to recently-promoted team, Brechin. Peter Bladen was unfortunate to lose the first game 11-8 in the fifth set to Derek Mitchell and retired half-way through his second game. Emma Bissett and Collin Bleak both defeated Aaron Robertson, in four and three sets, respectively, however were unable to win any additional games, both winning a set against John Anderson.

In Division Three, Prospects secured a good 6-4 start to the season at Forthill against Missiles. Dave Goddard was the star of the show, winning all three of his singles games, losing only one set to David Hunter in the final game of the night. Sandy Pearson also had a strong start to the season, winning two of his games 3-0, and was very unfortunate to not secure a hat-trick, losing 11-9 in the deciding set against Daniel Russell in a game which witnessed no fewer than four deuce-sets. The pair of Dave and Sandy combined to win a five-set doubles game. Neil Lea was unfortunate not to add to the score-board, losing out 11-8 in the fifth set to Lee Nixon.

Overall a fairly positive start to the season for the five teams against some tough opponents. The second week of fixtures sees all teams play again. Monday night at the Victory Memorial Hall will see two derby-fixtures. In Division One, Prefects will face-off against the new Saints team, the first team from the University of St Andrews in the league for a number of years. Meanwhile, Swots and New Kids will battle it out. Truants and Prospects will both travel deep into Angus to play against Brechin and Buccaneers respectively.