Swots reach Handicap Cup Semi-Final

Emma Bissett, whose wins were crucial for Swots’ win in the Handicap Cup

It was a busy week for St Andrews teams in the Dundee and District Table Tennis League, especially following many postponed fixtures due to the snow. The highlight of the week was Swots’ victory against Aces—currently second in Division One—in the quarter-final of the Handicap Cup. Emma Bissett won the first two sets of the night against Grant Williams to give Swots a 2-0 lead and they never fell behind despite being levelled on three occasions. Jason Fleming was the star for Aces, only losing one of his sets to Emma. Emma’s win was crucial, giving Swots a 9-7 lead which Dave Beveridge capitalised on, winning the first set against Grant to give Swots the victory. Emma and Nick Shepherd each won four sets of their six played, with Dave winning two of his five.

Swots also played their league match against Tigers but unfortunately lost 8-2. Collin Bleak had a strong win against Kenny McLaren 11-9 in the fifth set and Collin and Nick won by the same margin to Logie Anderson and Scott Thomson, despite losing the first set 11-1. Emma Bissett was unfortunate not to also beat Kenny, losing 12-10 in the fifth set, having fought back from 2-0 down. Nick Shepherd also will be disappointed not to have won a singles game, losing in five games to both Scott and Logie.

Prefects had two dominant wins which see them currently in fifth place in Division One. First, they defeated Defenders 7-3. Michael Hahn was impervious, not dropping a set in any of his singles games. Clyde Johnson also won his three games, each 3-1, and Michael and Clyde won their doubles game against Ken Head and Arthur Pritchard 3-2. Bonifac Legrady demonstrated some good attacking play but ultimately lost to Richard Tough and Arthur 3-1 and Ken 3-0. Prefects also beat Saints 10-0. Again, Michael did not drop a set, whilst Clyde and Justin Yang lost one set each.

Two St Andrews teams, New Kids and Truants faced each other this week. Graham Wood was undefeated in singles for Truants, although lost a set to Dave Beveridge and two to Howard Lee. Howard beat Alain Leger and Dave beat Knut Radmer, both 3-0, and the pair combined to beat Graham and Alain 11-0 in the fifth set. However, the rest of the games went to Truants.

Prospects had a tough week, losing both of their fixtures. First, they lost 7-3 to Duffers. Chris Wroniecki, Neil Lea, and Dave Goddard each beat William Liddle, but Richard McLaren and Andy Reid proved too strong, although Chris managed to take Andy to a fifth set. In their second fixture, the two-man team of Dave and Chris lost 9-1 to Kingsway. Chris got a strong 3-1 win against Willie Cooper, but lost to both Derek Thomson and Stephen Caird 3-0. Dave was unlucky to lose 11-7 in the fifth set to Derek, and even more unlucky to lose 14-12 in the fifth set to Willie. The pair of Chris and Dave were also unfortunate to lose 11-9 in the fifth set in the doubles to Stephen and Derek.