Prospects and Telsports teach the lost art of conceding to each other

Three of the five teams were in action this week for St Andrews with mixed results.

Former club member Emma Bissett, who now plays for Telsports in Division 3, was very pleased to welcome Prospects to Telecom House in Dundee, especially as she managed to win all her singles against Chris Wroniecki, Ian Brumwell and Charlie Ross. Although none of the matches required a deciding game, both teams were neck and neck all evening, never being more than one point ahead of each other. The fixture came to a highly unusual conclusion as Chris decided to concede his match against Emma, despite leading 1-0 in the penultimate match of the night. The floor had become too slippery and dangerous by that point. Both teams agreed that a fair outcome under the circumstances would be a 5-5 draw, and so, the final match was conceded by Telsports.

In Division 2, New Kids traveled south to Lundin Links to face Lasers who were set to stun. The home team were on top form as they prevented New Kids from scoring a single point. It was a solid display from Lasers who were only once forced to resort to a decider. Despite the absence of their best player, New Kids had hoped for a better result. Onward and upward.

Playing at home in St Andrews, Prefects were on the attack against Defenders. Michael Hahn and Justin Yang (for Prefects) secured the first two points in the singles, before Jos Berkhout was able to overcome Jean Augustin Touton (Prefects) in straight, but very close, games. The trio from Fife each went on to win their next wave of singles, extending their lead to 5-1. Defenders however, took the doubles match, and Jos concluded his evening with another win, against Justin this time. Prefects secured the last two points for the 7-3 win at the end of the night. Michael bagged another hat trick with a strong performance for the loss of only one game.

Swots and Truants were due to play a second division derby but Swots requested a postponement on account of injuries.