Hat tricks galore!

All five teams were back in action this week for St Andrews.

Prospects were at home facing Astronauts in Division 3. Chris Wroniecki, Charlie Ross and Ian Brumwell all won their opening matches to put the Prospects 3-0 ahead, but Ian Roberts landed one for the Astronauts against Charlie Ross. However, the engines failed for the space explorers who crashed to defeat in the remaining encounters, giving a solid 9-1 win for Prospects. Hat trick count: 2 (Chris and Ian).

New Kids were competing on the other side of the Victory Memorial Hall against Sputniks in Division 2. The hosts took a 3-1 lead, but the match was level before going into the doubles encounter, which swung the fixture in their favour. Howard Lee was on fire and his sparkling form lifted the team to a 6-4 victory. The story could have been very different if New Kids hadn’t won all three five-setters. Although Ken Falconer struggled on the night for the Kids, he declared his defeat against Carol McLean to be his happiest moment of the past two years. Indeed, both players caught the giggles during some of the lengthy defensive rallies. The club is grateful to Carol for bringing some joy to a pure mathematician. Hat trick count: 1 (Howard).

At the same time, Swots were visiting Kingsway at Blackness fire station. At 2-2, the teams seemed evenly matched, but Swots proceeded to extinguish their opponents as they blazed to victory in the six remaining matches. Nick Shepherd and Collin Bleak were on top form, both coming home with a hat trick.

The following day witnessed two St Andrews’ teams heading to the Ward Road Gym in Dundee. Truants were facing Chieftains in Division 2 while Prefects clashed with Knights in Division 1.

Chieftains lined up a strong team against Knut Radmer, Sascha Roschy and Graham Wood. Indeed, they dominated the encounter except when Sascha was at the table both in the singles and also combining well with Graham in the doubles. All the other points went to Chieftains, final score 6-4. Hat trick count: 1 (Sascha).

Finally, Prefect Michael Hahn fought hard to win the opening match against Knight Stuart Halliday in five games. But his team mates Bonifac Legrady and reserve Nick Shepherd struggled in their respective opening matches. Michael beat Peter Aird to secure a second point which was to be the last for the team. Prefects fell 8-2 at the hands of the rampaging Knights equipped with some powerful weapons.

Overall hat-trick count = 6