Swots reach Handicap Final

Swots continued an excellent run to reach the final of the Handicap Cup in the Dundee and District Table Tennis League. They managed to beat Chieftains 10-7. Emma Bissett won 3 of her 6 sets, and Dave Beveridge 2 of his 5, but the star of the show was Chris Wroniecki, playing up for Swots, who won 5 of his 6 sets. Being poised at 6-6, Chris beat Jim Tawse 2-0, also winning on actual points played, to give Swots an 8-6 lead. Emma drew 1-1 with Jacob Munro to set Swots up 9-7, before Dave finished matters off in the first set against Fiona Kinloch 21-19.

Swots’ league match did not go the same way as the trio of Emma, Dave, and Nick Shepherd lost 8-2 to a strong Villa side. Nick won 3-0 against Ian McLagan and 3-1 against Sandy Bertie, but David Hay was too strong for all of the Swots players, not dropping a set. Dave Beveridge was unfortunate not to beat Ian, losing 3-2.

Prefects had a strong 9-1 win against Thumpers. Michael Hahn and Justin Yang were unbeaten; Michael only losing one set, to Tony O’Shea 12-10, but only lost 11 points across the other three sets to assert his dominance. Justin beat Tony 3-0, but lost a set against both Ian Hunter and Jordan Ednie, the latter being a particularly entertaining match. Clyde Johnson eased past Ian and recovered after losing the first set to beat Tony, but lost 3-1 against Jordan.

Sascha Roschy who did not drop a set this week

Sascha Roschy was back in action after an injury this week for Truants, not losing a set in his three games against Jill Milne, Dougal Ogilvie, and Glenn Christie. Alain Leger was also undefeated, losing one set each against Jill and Dougal, and teamed up with Sascha to win the doubles. Knut Radmer added a 3-0 win against Jill, and was unlucky to lose 3-2 to Dougal, losing the last two sets 12-10.

New Kids lost a close match against Chieftains 6-4. Ian Smith beat Jim Tawse 3-1, while Howard Lee also beat Jim and had a good win against Jacob Munro 3-2, coming through a close fourth set 16-14. Howard and Ian also came through 3-2 to win the doubles against Fiona and Jim.

Prospects had a tough game against Princes, losing 8-2. Chris Wroniecki beat Eddie Dougan 3-0 and teamed up with Ian Brumwell to beat Blair Duncan and Chris Riddoch 11-9 in the deciding set. Ian was unlucky not to win any singles games, losing 3-2 to both Chris Riddoch and Eddie.


Swots reach Handicap Cup Semi-Final

Emma Bissett, whose wins were crucial for Swots’ win in the Handicap Cup

It was a busy week for St Andrews teams in the Dundee and District Table Tennis League, especially following many postponed fixtures due to the snow. The highlight of the week was Swots’ victory against Aces—currently second in Division One—in the quarter-final of the Handicap Cup. Emma Bissett won the first two sets of the night against Grant Williams to give Swots a 2-0 lead and they never fell behind despite being levelled on three occasions. Jason Fleming was the star for Aces, only losing one of his sets to Emma. Emma’s win was crucial, giving Swots a 9-7 lead which Dave Beveridge capitalised on, winning the first set against Grant to give Swots the victory. Emma and Nick Shepherd each won four sets of their six played, with Dave winning two of his five.

Swots also played their league match against Tigers but unfortunately lost 8-2. Collin Bleak had a strong win against Kenny McLaren 11-9 in the fifth set and Collin and Nick won by the same margin to Logie Anderson and Scott Thomson, despite losing the first set 11-1. Emma Bissett was unfortunate not to also beat Kenny, losing 12-10 in the fifth set, having fought back from 2-0 down. Nick Shepherd also will be disappointed not to have won a singles game, losing in five games to both Scott and Logie.

Prefects had two dominant wins which see them currently in fifth place in Division One. First, they defeated Defenders 7-3. Michael Hahn was impervious, not dropping a set in any of his singles games. Clyde Johnson also won his three games, each 3-1, and Michael and Clyde won their doubles game against Ken Head and Arthur Pritchard 3-2. Bonifac Legrady demonstrated some good attacking play but ultimately lost to Richard Tough and Arthur 3-1 and Ken 3-0. Prefects also beat Saints 10-0. Again, Michael did not drop a set, whilst Clyde and Justin Yang lost one set each.

Two St Andrews teams, New Kids and Truants faced each other this week. Graham Wood was undefeated in singles for Truants, although lost a set to Dave Beveridge and two to Howard Lee. Howard beat Alain Leger and Dave beat Knut Radmer, both 3-0, and the pair combined to beat Graham and Alain 11-0 in the fifth set. However, the rest of the games went to Truants.

Prospects had a tough week, losing both of their fixtures. First, they lost 7-3 to Duffers. Chris Wroniecki, Neil Lea, and Dave Goddard each beat William Liddle, but Richard McLaren and Andy Reid proved too strong, although Chris managed to take Andy to a fifth set. In their second fixture, the two-man team of Dave and Chris lost 9-1 to Kingsway. Chris got a strong 3-1 win against Willie Cooper, but lost to both Derek Thomson and Stephen Caird 3-0. Dave was unlucky to lose 11-7 in the fifth set to Derek, and even more unlucky to lose 14-12 in the fifth set to Willie. The pair of Chris and Dave were also unfortunate to lose 11-9 in the fifth set in the doubles to Stephen and Derek.

Good results for St Andrews in truncated week of league fixtures

The red weather warning and alpine-like conditions of last week brought St Andrews to a lockdown with the University and many businesses closing for large parts of the week. As a result, many of the matches in the Dundee and District Table Tennis League were postponed. However, some of the matches earlier in the week were played, and St Andrews’ Monday home night saw two fixtures before any sign of snow, and Prospects managed their away fixture.

Michael Hahn who won his four games this week for Prefects

Prefects got a strong 8-2 win against Telstars. Michael Hahn and Clyde Johnson both won three games losing a solitary set each, Clyde to David Monteith and Michael to Ian Farquhar. Michael and Clyde won the doubles against David and Ian 3-1 and were always in control of the game. Bonifac Legrady won his first game of the season 3-2 against Stewart Clark and came close in his other two games. First he lost to Ian in a close three-game encounter, and then his game with David went to a fifth set. Bonifac led 5-1 before David started a comeback and eventually won 13-11.

On the other side of the hall, Swots got a strong win against Rollercoasters in a close fixture. Dave Beveridge started with a dominant 3-0 win against David Lane before both Collin Bleak and Emma Bissett were beaten in close five-set games against Paul Jackson and Scott Thompson respectively to give Rollercoasters a 2-1 lead. Collin was again forced into a fifth set, but this time was successful against David to level the score but Dave was then beaten 3-0 by Scott. A 3-1 win for Emma against Paul and 3-0 doubles win for Dave and Emma against Paul and Scott put Swots 4-3 ahead, but a third win for Scott, this time against Collin, levelled the score at 4-4. Emma beat David 3-1 to give Swots the advantage and Dave defeated Paul by the same score to give Swots the overall victory.

Prospects unfortunately could not follow suit, losing 9-1 to Sputniks. Neil Lea and Dave Goddard were both beaten by the trio of Jack Oughton, Carol McLean, and Eric Brown, although Neil managed to win a set against Eric. Ian Brumwell’s performance improved as the night went on and he managed to win a set in the doubles alongside Dave against Carol and Eric before beating Carol 3-2 in his last game of the night.

Prospects get St Andrews’ only win of the week

Prefects got a good draw against Star, who recently won the Excelsior Cup. The first eight games were won in straight sets. Michael Hahn had comfortable wins against Iain Martin and Andy Ferguson and Justin had a similarly straightforward win against Andy. Clyde lost in straight sets to Iain, and John Hannah outplayed all three Prefects player on this occasion. In the doubles, Michael and Clyde were unfortunate not to win a set but lost 3-0 to John and Iain. In the penultimate game, Justin edged past Iain in an excellent five-set game, with only one of the sets being won by more than a two-point margin. Clyde then levelled the match at 5-5 with a 3-1 win over Andy.

New Kids also drew in their game against Lundin Lasers, although the individual games were much closer than Prefects’, with only two games being won in straight sets. Roman Nydza was undefeated for Lundin Lasers, beating Howard Lee and Ian Smith 3-1 and Kong Wan 3-0. Howard and Ian won their other two games each, against Ron Filsell and Arthur Duncan, and combined to win the doubles against Ron and Roman.

Swots did not fare as well against Viscounts, as they lost 10-0. However, many of the games were close, and the Swots trio of Dave Beveridge, Emma Bissett, and Chris Wroniecki all lost to Filip Jovanovic in five-set games, Chris being the closest to winning, losing 12-10 in the decider.

Truants also had a tough time, losing 9-1 to Villa. Graham Wood got Truant’s win, 3-1 against Sandy Bertie. Graham was beaten comfortably by David Hay and was unfortunate to lose to Ian McLagan in a deciding set. Alain Leger and Knut Radmer lost all three of their singles games 3-0, but Alain and Graham were very unlucky not to win the doubles. They were 2-1 and 10-6 down but came back to win that set and were just edged out 13-11 in the fifth set.

Ken Falconer who won all his games for Prospects this week

Prospects were the only winners this week, beating Telsports 7-3. Ken Falconer did well to win his three games, recovering from 2-1 down to beat David Axton and winning 3-0 against both Paul McDade and Anthony Keeling. Chris Wroniecki beat Paul and Anthony but lost out to David, and Neil Lea got a good win against Anthony. Chris and Neil managed a strong 3-1 win against Paul and Anthony in the doubles.

Tough week for St Andrews Teams

Prefects were the first St Andrews’ team playing this week in the Dundee and District Table Tennis League, being beaten 8-2 by Up4It. Michael Hahn managed convincing 3-1 wins against both Paul Monteith and Ryan Docherty in the first and last games of the fixture, but Up4It won all of the other games. Howard Lee, who stood in for an ill Justin Yang at the very last minute, did well to get a set against Paul but found the opposition too strong. Clyde Johnson was defeated 3-1 by Ryan and 3-0 by Paul, despite two deuce sets, and played well against Scottish International Gillian Edwards despite the 3-0 scoreline, being unfortunate to lose the second set 17-15. After two epic encounters earlier this season, Michael would have been hopeful to beat Gillian but, despite a good performance by both players, Gillian was stronger on the important points, winning 3-0. The highlight of the night was the doubles game, with many excellent rallies; Gillian and Ryan eventually beating Michael and Clyde 16-14 in the fourth set.

New Kids suffered a surprising 10-0 loss to Tigers. However, only two of the ten games played were won in straight sets so it could have been much closer. Particularly unfortunate were Ian Smith against Kenny McLaren, and Howard Lee against Scott Thomson, who were beaten 11-8 and 11-9 in the fifth sets, respectively.

Truants managed the only win this week for St Andrews. Without Sascha Roschy, it was a much closer match than expected, beating Rollercoasters 6-4. Truants raced to a 4-0 lead as Alain Leger beat Tony Cook, Knut Radmer beat David Lane, and Graham Wood beat Paul Jackson and Tony. David scored the first point for Rollercoasters in a close encounter with Alain, winning 11-8, then Paul beat Knut 3-1 to reduce the deficit to 4-2. Alain and Graham halted their progress with a 3-1 win in the doubles against Paul and David before Graham closed out the win for Truants with a 3-2 win against David. Tony and Paul did gain some consolation for Rollercoasters as they beat Knut and Alain in the last two games to finish the night 6-4.

Emma Bissett (far right) who was runner-up in the mixed and women’s doubles at the Dundee Championships

The Dundee Championships were held on Saturday 17th February, with several St Andrews players being involved. Emma Bissett did well to be runner-up in both the women’s doubles (with Carol McLean) and the mixed doubles (with Callum Riddoch). Dave Beveridge and Howard Lee also did well to be runners-up in the veteran’s doubles, and Dave was also runner-up alongside Stuart Halliday in the ballot doubles.

Mixed Cup Week for St Andrews teams

It was a quiet week for St Andrews teams, with only two teams playing cup fixtures.

Truants faced Star, one of the leading Division One teams, in the Stanley Doubles Cup. Ian Martin and John Hannah—who currently leads the Division One averages—won a very comfortable opening game against Graham Wood and Alain Leger. Things look hopeful as Graham and Sascha Roschy defeated Iain and Andy Ferguson in five sets. However, the remaining games were all quite one-sided. Sascha and Alain won one set against John and Andy, but the Star pair won that and three other straight-sets games to take the fixture.

Collin Bleak who won all of his games for Swots

However, Swots had a much better result in their Handicap Cup fixture against Tigers. Emma Bissett gave Swots a great start with a 2-0 win over Scott Thomson; Emma started 9-2 up in each set but the first set was particularly convincing for her at 21-7. From then on Swots always had the lead. Dave Beveridge lost the first set to Marion Davidson 21-15, but recovered to take the second 21-19. Collin Bleak furthered Swots’ lead when he came through in two close 21-18 sets against Kenny McLaren. Emma lost the first set to Marion 21-13 and then was pipped at the post 21-20 in the second set, but two more great wins for Collin against Scott gave Swots a 7-3 lead. Dave delivered two 21-17 wins against Kenny and Collin finished off the fixture with two comfortable wins against Marion. This win puts Swots into the quarter finals, where they will face Division One team Aces in the next few weeks.

Important wins for Prefects and Truants

Four St Andrews teams were in action this week in the Dundee and District Table Tennis League, with Prefects and Truants both winning fixtures against teams close to them in the league tables.

Prefects won 8-2 against Kings, who were tied with them on points at the half-way stage. Prefects were helped by Kings only having two players, although the score-line would have likely been the same had they had a full team. The trio of Michael Hahn, Clyde Johnson, and Justin Yang all defeated Aleksandar Jovanovic, with Michael and Clyde dropping one set each and Justin winning 3-0. Adeola Fabola—Kings’ strongest player by a long way and Michael and Justin’s University of St Andrews teammate—managed to beat Clyde 3-0 and came through a close four-set game against Justin. However, Michael was too strong, beating Adeola 3-1. Michael and Clyde finished off the fixture with a 3-2 win in the doubles against Adeola and Aleksandar.

Graham Wood who had two strong wins for Truants.

Truants had a much tighter 6-4 win against Chieftains. Sascha Roschy reigned supreme, winning his three singles games for the loss of a single set, whilst Graham Wood also had a good night, winning two of his singles 3-1, but could not beat Jacob Munro, losing 3-0. Crucially, Sascha and Graham also won their doubles game against Fiona Kinloch and Jim Tawse 3-1. Alain Leger could not add to the score-line, losing 3-0 to Jacob and Jim, but was unfortunate not to beat Fiona, losing 11-8 in the deciding set, having led 2-1.

However, New Kids found things much tougher in their match against Viscounts. Kong Wan started the night with a five-set game against Filip Jovanovic, losing out 11-8 in the final set. However, after that, every game for the rest of the night was 3-0. Kong also lost to Andy Hughes and Andrew Nimmo, and Ian Smith lost his three games. Howard Lee had two impressive wins against Andy and Filip, both 3-0, but lost in three comfortable sets against Andrew.

Similarly, Prospects lost 7-3 to Lairds. However, given that they lost one five-set and four four-set games, it could have been much closer. Ian Brumwell and Dave Goddard were each beaten by the trio of Ewan MacDonald, William Beattie, and Ryan Connor, although Ian was particularly unfortunate to lose to Ryan, just being denied 13-11 in the deciding set. Fabio Sani put in a strong performance to beat both Ryan and William 3-0, but was soundly beaten by Ewan in the opening game of the night. Fabio and Ian were able to gain a further point for Prospects as they beat Ewan and William in five sets.